UltraJet® Waterjet Propulsion & Control Systems

Marine waterjet propulsion and control systems are used by many organizations for various applications, including: Navy, Coast Guard, Police, Government Departments, Pilot Boats, Offshore Oil & Gas Service Vessels, Offshore Windfarm Service Vessels, Port & Harbor Security, Passenger, Workboat, Fishing, and Recreation Craft. TheUltraJet® range of waterjet propulsion and control systems are designed, manufactured, and supported by Marine Jet Power. Formerly Ultra Dynamics, Marine Jet Power propulsion units are well suited to the performance and durability requirements of military, paramilitary, commercial, and passenger craft in real-world conditions. Today’s Marine Jet Power product range benefits from more than 50 years of experience in design, manufacture, and application of marine waterjet propulsion.With in-house engineering, manufacturing and customer support that set the industry standard, ULTRAJET is the choice of contractors and operations professionals around the world. We’d like to be your first choice, too. With field-proven dependability in applications around the globe, ULTRAJET Pumps provides the best value for virtually any complex wash systems. In fact.